Glasgow Art Blog is dedicated to bringing you the best of Glasgow’s creative arts all in one place.  The site is the brainchild of me, Amanda Johnston, and began as a personal project for where I saw an absence of platforms solely dedicated to documenting Glasgow’s thriving arts scene, the artists who work within it, and the abundance and variety of art being created in the city.

The focus of this blog will primarily be on independent artists, creating and exhibiting visual art across a broad range of mediums, which add to the growing conversation surrounding contemporary art and where it belongs in our vastly populated and diverse city.

GAB will feature reviews of current exhibitions and events, listings, artist interviews and an ongoing series which documents the working methods of those working within the visual arts.  This will be updated on a regular basis and I hope can be used as a means to encourage people to become more active in supporting the local artistic community.

In these early stages on the blog I’m keen for the site to grow organically, and welcome any input and ideas from anyone interested.  If you’re an artist, curator, critic, or even just want to get involved with doing some art writing then please get in contact with me via the details on the contact page.