Holy Wave @ Laurieston Arches: An interview with Roi Carmeli

Nestled in the middle of another few exhibitions within the Laurieston Arches and as part of Glasgow International, this particular exhibition seemed so playful and inviting, bright and vibrant.

I was there on the opening night for an evening of various live musical acts and DJ’s, and wanted to come back and see it in the light at the earliest opportunity. Holy Wave brought together a number of artists from across the globe and offered them the space and time to explore the inextricable processes of art and ritual in an unforgiving and unyielding space.

The exhibition was, more than anything else, an exercise in bringing together elements into a consistent whole, as one does whenever one makes a piece of art or music, or curates an exhibition.

Holy Wave was part of Glasgow International 2018 and artists featured included: Ayelet Ben Dor, Jedrzej Cichosz, Uist Corrigan, Roi Carmeli, Judith Leupi, Jonny Lyons, Tom Krasny, Tim Sandys and Alex Stursberg.

Paul Aitken




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