Glasgow International 2018// 20 April – 7 May// Opening week preview

One of the most anticipated visual arts festivals in Europe will return this week, and GAB has a pick of the very best exhibitions and events for you to see.  Throughout the festival, we will be posting highlights, exhibition reviews and artist interviews of some of our favourites.

Glasgow International is a festival which comes around every two years and offers a diverse and exciting programme of visual art from both local and international artists in over 70 venues across the city.

GI has traditionally utilised some of the city’s less conventional sites to host public art, and this year’s festival is no different.  With exhibitions taking place within Anderston Fire Station, Dalmarnock gas purifier shed, and Film City in Govan; this year’s three week festival offers not only the chance to see some of the most exciting new contemporary art in more well known venues such as Tramway and GoMa, but also an opportunity to explore some of the city’s less visited areas and buildings not usually open to the public.

There’s something for everyone to see this year, all exhibitions are free to attend and most run throughout the duration of the festival.  There will be guided walking tours taking place as well as cycle tours around the venues.  Why not make a day of it and explore? More details about the tours and the full programme can be found here at:

Here is GAB‘s top picks for the opening week from the Director’s programme:

Mick Peter
The Regenerators

Mick Peter, Pyramid Selling (2015), courtesy of Tramway and Galerie Crevecouer

Along with the help of young people from across the city, Glasgow based sculptor Mick Peter has constructed an 80m long billboard which covers the façade of an historic gas purifier shed in the East End of the city.  The building is set amongst grassy mounds in which the visitor is invited to view the comic-like structure from.  Moving closer towards the boards, we are invited to peer through the built windows to view scenes created by Peter and the young ‘regenerators’ which are housed inside the building.  The work as a whole could be seen as a commentary on the function of historic and derelict buildings, particularly in relation to this work’s location, amidst what was only 4 years ago the bustling centre of the Commonwealth village.  The Regenerators seems to ponder the need for public involvement in the maintenance of Glasgow’s more deprived areas, and invites the viewer to imagine the possibility of creative regeneration in a thought-provoking and humorous way.

Dalmarnock Gas Purifier Shed (5 min walk from Dalmarnock station)
90 Old Dalmarnock Road
G40 4DG
Mon-Wed & Fri & Sun 10-6pm
Thurs – 10-8pm


Hardeep Pandhal
Self-Loathing Flashmob

Hardeep Pandhal, Plebeian Archive 2015, courtesy of Max Slaven

Self-Loathing flashmob is a politically charged mixed-media installation which spans two floors in Kelvin Hall’s foyer and ballroom.  The work uses audio-visual technology, as well as Pandhal’s signature colour-popping cartoonish drawing style, to draw upon his personal background of growing up as a second-generation British-Sikh in the industrial west-midlands.  The installation works in making the personal political, by using film footage of a lecture theatre occupation by students interspersed with towering figures which speak to the viewer. The large-scale work deals with issues of assimilation into broader society, whilst Pandhal’s use of  technology seems at once both conspicuous and menacing.  Not to be missed.

1445 Argyle Street
G3 8AW
Mon-Sun 10-6pm


Graeme Eatough & Stuart Sutcliffe
No End to Enderby

Bridge With Paintout (Screengrab Lion Eyes) Image courtesy of Stephen Sutcliffe/Richard Heslop or Lion Eyes, Manchester 2017


After meeting and discovering a common love of the work of Mancunian writer Anthony Burgess, Sutcliffe and Eatough, artist and theatre director respectfully, joined creative forces to create two films which will be screened back to back in the theatrical settings of Film City (formerly Govan Town Hall).

The films invite the viewer into the world of Mr Enderby, a literary figure and Burgess’s alter-ego.  Featuring themes of time travel, Shakespeare, and an immersive literary world.  This work will be a big hit with fans of Burgess’s work, but also a great introduction to those only familiar with A Clockwork Orange.  There is also theatrical sets for viewers to explore, including Shakespeare’s room, and Mr Enderby’s 1960’s apartment.  The films will last approximately 50 minutes combined and will begin on the hour.

Film City
401 Govan Road
G51 2QJ
Mon – Wed & Fri & Sat 10-6pm
Thurs 10-8pm











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